Hunting for sport: Should people tolerate hunters and their beliefs?

  • People Should Be Tolerant

    I believe everyone should be more tolerant. I am not a hunter and I have no desire to shoot an animal. I don't like to see dead deer in the back of a pick up, but it's a small fact of life. I don't judge people who hunt, they're doing what they enjoy and it serves a purpose as well. Of course we should tolerate hunters, they're following the laws and doing something that they enjoy.

  • People should tolerate hunters and their beliefs.

    People should tolerate hunters and their beliefs. They help control the wild animal populations and have been doing it since cavemen. I think it is a tradition that people enjoy and most consider it a sport. Most states have certain seasons for hunting certain animals and this helps control the population.

  • People should tolerate and respect hunters.

    I believe that people should not only tolerate hunters and their beliefs, but they should respect them as well. In the poverty stricken area where I live hunting is not only a sport, it is a food source for many families. It is also an important family tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.

  • Yes, we have to tolerate hunters' beliefs.

    Because hunting is legal, and our government sets specific limits on it, we have to be tolerant of people engaging in a legal activity. That being said, my personal belief is that hunting should be for something more than for sport, and that hunters should make use of as many of the resources their kills provide to them as possible. This is why people used to hunt animals; for food, and to create things like clothing and shelter. If they choose not to, though, they aren't breaking the law, and I have to tolerate their choices.

  • Yes, people should tolerate hunters and their beliefs.

    While everyone may not agree with the sport of hunting, people should tolerate it. Sometimes it's just a necessary evil, such as in the case with deer. Many areas are simply overpopulated. Hunters can help to remedy this issue. Most hunters enjoy hunting as a ritual and aren't really looking to abuse the animal. Restrictions can be set into place, but hunters should have the right to continue to hunt for sport.

  • Civilization will cull hunting.

    Sport hunting is unnecessary and savage. It is clearly unethical, serves no valid purpose and thus it is dangerous to society, even if it is tolerated. Killing for fun is sick. Eventually, righteous shame will prevent hunts from being practiced and killing for amusement will be remembered with deep embarrassment. But we are an arrogant and ignorant species, so it may be awhile.

  • Hunters just follow their old outdated tradition.

    Hunters should not be tolerated at all.They believe that its in their blood to hunt and if they don't hunt then its a disrespect to the god.Ok,our ancestors survived on hunting but now the world has changed.We are omnivorous and there are so many nutritious food available apart from animals.

  • It's their option to hunt

    Even though I am not a hunter, I have no problem with people that choose to do. It's a legit sport that some people, especially males, take very seriously. I think people who complain just need to relax a bit and accept the fact that the sport is not going away.

  • Sport hunting should not be tolerated

    Sport hunting is unnecessary and cruel. Hunting for sustenance is different than hunting to put a trophy on a wall, or for bragging rights. Most people don't need to hunt for their food, and the animals hunted for sport tend to be rare or endangered, and are often predators who play a role in the food chain. Sport hunts are artificially created, don't provide needed food, and should not be tolerated.

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