• There are a lot of reasons hunting is great.

    I'll get right to the point, Hunting has a lot of benefits. It can help reduce overpopulated wildlife, It can help bring in some extra income to the economy, It is a fun pastime, You can get a nice meal most of the time, And it can help younger people get outdoors and learn about gun safety. Now if your worried about the poor animals just remember that when it comes to survival they wouldn't think twice to save us, We're on the top, Lets embrace that.

  • Hunting keeps the ecosystem in check by managing wildlife populations

    Hunting is a vital wildlife management tool. It keeps nature at a healthy balance of which the available habitat can support (carrying capacity). For many wildlife species, Hunting also helps to maintain populations at levels compatible with human activity and land use. Wildlife is a renewable natural resource with a surplus and hunters harvest that surplus! This harvestable surplus is never exhausted. Hunting serves as an integral part of preserving native biodiversity. Without hunting, Animal populations would spike and cause their food sources to disappear. This would lead to many animals suffering from starvation then dying instead of a quick death from hunting.

  • Hunting is a requirement to keep the ecosystem from turning upsidown

    Hunting is a requirement to keep the ecosystem from turning upsidown. Without hunting, Certain animal populations would spike in an increase, And others would be crippled in numbers. For example, If we stop hunting hogs in Texas, Their population would increase in millions, Causing billions of dollars in damage to crops in southern parts of America. We already lose millions of dollars and thousands of lives due to the hogs. Just imagine if we're not actively fighting to lower the population. The whitetail deer is a good example too. If we don't control the deer population, Their numbers will spike, Costing lives(Due to car crashes) and millions of dollars due to deer spreading disease and eating crops.
    I will add on when I have time.

  • Hunting is not a requirement for keeping the ecosystem in check and it will not alleviate animal suffering

    The reason why animal populations spike in the first place is because of the human advancements in transportation. Invasive species are accidentally introduced to before-untouched environments and drastically change it. We could control these spikes by being more responsible from the beginning.
    But as for the hunting solution, While animal populations can go out of control, Hunting may do so as well. Can you imagine if hundreds of people just start shooting down animals just because they find a slightly justifiable reason to do so?
    Sure, Hunting could help in some ways, But only if people are educated. If hunting becomes widely accepted, Anyone would just be able shoot down whatever they find. How would an uneducated hunter be able to tell the difference between an invasive and an endangered species?
    And one last thing, Don't just treat wildlife as a 'renewable resource'. It's more complicated than that. The biggest reason as to why many animals are losing their habitats and food supplies, Is because of us. We take away their homes for OUR growing population. Maybe focus on ways to fix that.

  • No definitley not!

    People should not be hunting thee poor animals. What have they ever done to you! I don mean to be hippy or whatever but that's just wrong. Its so sad to think that many animals could just be out at a riverbank getting some water, Surrounded by other animals when all of a sudden they hear guns shooting as they watch their family collapse to the ground, To find a greedy hunter ripout elephants tusks and strip gazelles of their fur. This is just wrong, These animals shouldn't live in danger and fear that anywhere they go, Hunters could be waiting to shoot. These animals don't even know why they are being hunted and why their pack, Herd whatever you want to say is dying, One by one.

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