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  • Hunting is awesome

    It helps people with food. It also gives chances to younger kids to be able to bond with their parents and friends. Kids can also learn about plants and animals when they are either taking a hunter safety or out hunting. It also gives jobs to people as hunting guides. That is why I think hunting is good.

  • Hunting Is Good

    Hunting allows people to control animal populations. If one animals becomes too numerous, hunters make sure that they do not throw the whole environmental balance off by keeping their population in check. Hunting also allows people to obtain food, allows families and friends to bond, and teaches gun responsibility. Hunting is good.

  • Hunting hurts our biodiversity and ecosystems.

    As a observed pastime, over the past 200 years has eliminated many iconic species due to the practice of killing species either for food or sport purposes. The Dodo Bird, The Tasmanian Tiger, Passenger pigeon, Great auk, Quagga, Falkland Island wolf, Zanzibar leopard, Caribbean monk seal are just a few of the many species that we have wiped out due to hunting. When hunters interfere with ecological systems which they don't have any real understanding of, they completely destroy the necessary functions that animals they hunt provide.

  • Hunting is bad for the environment.

    Not only do I think hunting is bad for the animals, but it's also bad for kids to learn this habit that killing innocent animals is okay. I think that there are many other ways to get food resources, rather than killing animals such as deer and birds. I'm not saying that hunting is a terrible thing and that it is a sin to do it, but overall I do not support it.

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