Huskies Win NCAA Final Four: Should we be celebrating?

  • They won it.

    Yes, we should be celebrating of the Huskies winning the NCAA Final Four, because they beat all the other teams. They were as deserving to win as anyone else. They should be celebrating that they won, and they won only 3 years ago, so the seniors have won twice. They accomplished the ultimate win in college basketball.

  • Celebrate No Matter Who Your Favorite Is

    Regardless of who your favorite college team is, everyone should celebrate the hard work and achievements that these university kids have shown to get as far as they have. Every win should be celebrated, even if it's your rival. You're allowed to be upset about your own team's loss, but you would want someone to be happy for you if it was YOUR team that won.

  • Yes, every win is a cause for celebration.

    The Huskies won with a valiant effort on their part. Basketball isn't an easy sport, and it also isn't easy to put yourself out there to be scrutinized by the masses while playing. Even if a team wins that isn't a favorite of yours, a fan of the game should celebrate the win of a team that played better and performed at their best. That is how sportsmanship works.

  • No That Big Of A Deal

    The Huskies won the NCAA Final Four and while that may be a big deal for them and the people they played against, it means very little the majority of Americans. Sports are great and those involved should celebrate, but that's not a reason for everyone to celebrate. It's important to remember that some victories only hold weight in certain crowds.

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