• Science was stunted 1000yrs because it was illegal to study cadavers. Lets not lose another 1000yrs.

    Controlled experimentation is the next step to our survival. Genetic enhancement is a reality and is becoming more commercial every year. Kevlar, a material to protect our soldier and police, is in fact a product of genetic modification of spiders and goats. The trademarked GloFish , though a far less socially important modification, is a whimsical display of genetic potential. And as a last example I present the "fish tomato", the hybrid of a tomato and a winter flounder. Though this example did not come to fruition, the potential would be frost-resistant produce.

  • Once Cloning Gets More Advanced

    Cloning humans with other animals or other hominid species is a good idea, but only after human cloning has been perfected. Right now, cloning technology isn't nearly as advanced as it needs to be for that to happen. However, it would be cool to have the ears of a cat, the nose of a dog and the body of a horse.

  • Certainly, hybrid human cloning with other species is proven to be helpful to our society

    Daily Mail shows that 155 embryos containing both human and animal genetic material have been created since the 2008 Human Fertilization Embryology Act. Three labs in the UK such as King's College London, Newcastle University, and Warwick University were given permission to create these embryos. Professor Robin Lovell Badge from Medical Institution for Medical Research states, "Scientists are not worried about these embryos because by law these embryos have to be destroyed within 14 days." This shows that even though these embryos turn out to be disastrous, the embryos have to be destroyed within 14 days. Most importantly, scientist in the UK lab state that the reason for doing these experiments is to understand more about early human development and to come up with cures of serious illnesses. Some of these illnesses include lung disease, spinal cord injury, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and arthritis. These cures can make a great impact on our society.

  • In principle yes, in practice it's an ethical minefield

    The practice of genetic modification, and of mixing different genetic 'types' together to try and gain some advantage from doing so, is not wrong in itself. In practice, any such clone would need to be evaluated rigorously to determine if it was on the same mental and social level as ordinary humanity, and if so would need to be given the same human rights as any other individual. There would need to be *very* strict ethical standards and regulations in place. But there's nothing wrong with the practice in principle.

  • We shouldn't be playing with nature, it's not right.

    Do innocent animals actually get a choice in this? Or what if something went wrong? It can be harmful and dangerous and I don't think God would appreciate it either because we are messing around with stuff that is way beyond us. In my opinion all cloning should be banned!

  • No, we're playing with nature.

    What sort of hybrid are we talking about? If we are talking about human beings with another species, that is just ridiculous and could be very harmful in the long run even though we get no results right away. And even animals should be left to their own species and not be experimented with.

  • Inter-species cloning is unethical.

    At these early stages of cloning, it is simply unethical to clone human-other species hybrids. Aside from having significant social impact in the decision of whether to classify such clones of humans or animals, it could produce significant mutations, the consequences of which it is completely impossible to predict or understand.

  • Hybrid human cloning with other species is not ok.

    Hybrid human cloning with other species is not okay. The more that we allow this to be done will just cause more danger in the future. I think we are starting to mess with science in a way that should not be allowed in the first place. There is no telling what we will create next.

  • No it is not okay.

    Hybrid human cloning with other species is not okay. The world would end up like "The Island of Dr. Moreau and that would not be good. Also, what purpose does it have? It would just create freaks, and we as a society can barely tolerate differences in humans as it is. Bad idea!

  • Hybrid Human Cloning Morally Wrong

    I believe the idea of hybrid human cloning raises serious moral questions and issues, that we do not have answers for. I do not think it would be okay to cross humans with a different species because some people may see these creations as less human and not provide them with the rights they would deserve.

  • Hybrid human cloning should be completely banned, because science has historically made very poor predictions about the risks of new procedures.

    How many times, in the past, has something been declared safe, and then found to cause serious problems? Thalidomide was given to women to prevent morning sickness, and then found to cause very serious birth defects. How many scientists working on the Manhattan project died of cancer, because they were not able to predict what exposure to radiation would do to the human body. If scientists are not able to accurately predict risks, then they should not be doing something as risky as cloning anything, much less anything to do with human beings.

    Posted by: KenP4t
  • Hybrid human cloning with other species is a reckless application of science that should not be allowed.

    As human beings we have a moral obligation to be concerned about the quality of life of every living creature. Hybrid human beings created with other species would be nothing more than freak-show attractions. Any scientist who chose to engage in these kinds of experiments would be engaging in highly unethical behavior and should be at risk of prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • Hybrid human cloning with other species doesn't seem possible and seems morally irresponsible.

    Hybrid human cloning with another species seems like a nicer way of describing human vivisection. It's unnecessary, cruel and could end up with disastrous results. I believe in progress, but this seems like progress for the sake of experimentation and not progress for the sake of something good. There's no known benefit to this, so why bother?

    Posted by: CompleteJerrod

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