Hybrid vehicles: Are hybrid vehicles economically sensible?

  • Hybrid vehicles are economically sensible.

    Hybrid vehicles are economically sensible. At first, hybrids may seem expensive, because they cost a lot of money to build and to develop the technology that makes them a hybrid vehicle in the first place. However, as time goes on, they begin to pay themselves off, because the fuel savings on a hybrid are significant.

  • Hybrid cars make economic sense

    Gasoline costs are continuing to increase, and eventually our supply of fossil fuels will be exhausted. It can cost up to $70 to fill a car. Since hybrid vehicles use less gas, fuel costs are lower. Since they can use a combination of gas and other fuels or electricity, the gas will last longer and need to be purchased less often. Also, continuing production of hybrid vehicles will result in manufacturing, sales and service jobs, which makes economic sense.

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