Hybrid vehicles: Should hybrid vehicles be a major part of plans to fight global climate change?

  • Yes, I think hybrid vehicles should be a major part of plans to fight global warming.

    The emissions from vehicles that use gasoline are very bad for the environment, not to mention expensive. I think that we need to make hybrid vehicles even more fuel efficient and bring the price of purchasing one down considerably. We can then utilize hybrid vehicles to bring our dependency on oil way down and put less pollutants into the atmosphere.

  • Hybrid Vehicles Offer Hope Environmentally and Ecnomically

    Not long ago hybrid cars were a dream of the future but now they have rolled of the drawing board an onto our highways where, though not perfect, they suggest a possible answer to soaring fuel costs and even to the threat of fossil fuel to the environment. The cost of these vehicles is still out of the easy reach or most of us, but in light of how high gasoline prices have risen, we may soon shift our perspectives on the feasibility of eventually owning such a vehicle. I know I have begun to think in that direction. What other means can you think of for making a rambling drive in the country for pleasure financially feasible again? There may be other ways to get gas price under control, but I do not see and of those other ideas driving down the street in front of my house. And the likelihood that these vehicles could put electricity, salad, oil, or some other relatively inexpensive fuel in our tanks instead of gasoline, tempts me to think I may one day purchase and drive a hybrid car.

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