Hydroelectric dams: Are dams consistent with human rights?

  • Dams Control Flooding

    Hydroelectric dams help control flooding while providing cheap sources of electrical power to nearby residents. Dams can only help human rights by giving people the convenience of electricity for their homes while protecting downstream property from floods. The Three Gorges Dam in China forced the relocation of thousands of people. But the project will save lives of those downstream when heavy rains flood the river each year. Saving lives is consistent with human rights.

  • Yes, if they are placed properly

    Dams are a great source of eco-friendly energy and can also bring with them certain benefits. However, depending on where the dam is placed, it can cause problems for surrounding communities. Although human rights isn't really something that is attached to creation of dams, as long as the dam is placed correctly in an area that will not bring about negative consequences, it is okay.

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