Hydroelectric dams: Should hydroelectric dams be a part of plans to combat global warming?

  • Yes, it's clean energy

    Hydroelectric dams produce clean energy powered by water. As such, there is absolute no reason that they should not be part of the plan to combat global warming. However, hydroelectric dams, like any other version of power generation, are only part of the issue. How that energy is used by businesses and consumers likely poses a far greater issue that needs to be addressed in order to save our planet.

  • Energy is life in this world.

    The more energy that humans have access to that is not harmful to the environment the better. By using these dams we can get effective energy with out a huge footprint on the environment. These dams will also help with local economies by creating lakes and tourist locations for fun and relaxation.

  • Global Warming Dams

    Hydroelectric dams should be built as a part of global warming. Hydroelectric dams are an effective energy source that supplies about three per cent of the supply needed in China. Dams not only saves lives but saves on energy costs as well. Global warming can be controlled with hydroelectric dams.

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