Hydrogen vehicles: Are hydrogen fuel cell vehicles safe?

  • Yes they are.

    A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is completely safe. It is basically water and does not have any risk of explosion. It is actually safer than a gasoline car and is much more economical. It just sounds scary because we think of a hydrogen bomb. This is not the same concept at all.

  • No, They Hold Many Dangers

    Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles require that hydrogen be compressed
    and stored in a tank, increasing the danger of explosion. Of course
    gasoline is flammable too, however, hydrogen is colorless and
    odorless, unlike gasoline, so a leak would be harder to detect. A leak
    could conceivably suffocate unwilling fuel cell users, too. Oddly,
    there is also a danger of frostbite, because hydrogen is chilled to compress it.
    Overall, many scientists believe it will be safer and more efficient to switch
    to plug-in electric cars, rather than hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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