Hydrogen vehicles: Are hydrogen fuel cells practical?

  • Hydrogen available in household

    Today's technology allow us to produce H2 even at home. It is like you have a gasoline pit in your yard. This is a huge blow for the oil industries. If You imagine yourself in a crowded city with now Poisonous air to breed, IT will Be like morning near a river :)

  • Hydrogen is Already Making Headway

    Hydrogen, as of right now, already has as much potential as gasoline, with none of the negative repercussions. Companies like Toyota have introduced cars that run solely on hydrogen and, unlike gasoline, the only byproduct it water, which comes out of the exhaust. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and has the capability of turning every country in the world into an energy producing nation. The only downside at the moment is cost and low availability of hydrogen fill up stations, which will change over time.

  • Fuel Cells Have Water for Exhaust

    Hydrogen fuel cells are practical in that they are easy to fill with certain technologies. All it takes is for fueling stations to adapt to fuel cell technology to bring about easy infrastructure for the cars. Even better, fuel cell cars emit water as exhaust once the fuel is spent. In 20 years, all-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars will be everywhere and American can become an oil exporting nation providing for Asia's energy needs.

  • Hydrogen fuel cells aren't practical.

    If hydrogen were practical, there would be cars with hydrogen being used today. This technology is not practical today. It is too expensive, and there is no infrastructure in place. There is no place to refuel a hydrogen powered car. Perhaps in the future it will be possible, but it is not today.

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