Hydrogen vehicles: Can hydrogen fuel be effectively stored in cars?

  • Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel.

    Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel which is powerful element that carries lot of energy. But it is different story to store it in the cars, we need to find a proper and safe way to store in the car. It think it would help us lot but safety needs be kept in the mind. Hydrogen can blow up if not giving proper guidance.

  • Hydrogen fuel is highly flammable and dangerous.

    Hydrogen is more flammable than gasoline, and is not safe for use in cars. One can agree that hydrogen was a good idea to investigate, however it is becoming clear that electric designs (and even more experimental designs like Thorium-driven cars) are likely the future of car travel. Electric cars are very safe, and some cars (ie. the Chevy Volt, which is an electric-hybrid mix) have already entered the consumer market. In a few years, the number of electric cars will have increased even further, and due to their safety, it is clear that such cars are the future.

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