Hydrogen vehicles: Is a hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure possible?

  • Anything is possible with technology

    The hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure will be realized someday soon. Several companies have begun working on development and are heavily investing in this technology. For this reason alone, it is fairly certain that this technology will be realized. The Wright brothers created the airplane, when many said it wasn't possible. What at the time did not seem feasible, was realized with trial and error and perseverance. That isn't to say that this technology won't have a few hiccups, but it will become a reality, by necessity, unless something better comes along in the next few years, which isn't likely.

  • Hydrogen is the best way forward

    Having done some light research on this, I believe hydrogen is the best way forward. As far as infrastructure for refilling, there are a variety of ways to get it into vehicles. While the ways to get it into vehicles may not have been perfected quite yet with safety in mind or ease of use for the end consumer, it is 100% possible for the right technology and delivery system to be developed.

  • Hydrogen is Dangerous to all

    When you work with hydrogen, it is very dangerous. It can explode, cause fires and can be very volatile when used whether properly or improperly. Take the German blimp, Hindenburg for example. It would take passengers in a little compartment attached to the bottom of a giant balloon filled with hydrogen. It caught fire in midair and ended up killing all passengers and crew. Fuel cells would be the same. One little flaw in the design could cause a catastrophe but on a larger scale due to the hydrogen being condensed into a little tiny capsule versus a balloon if it is even possible to make.

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