Hydrogen vehicles: Is hydrogen superior to electric vehicles?

  • Hydrogen has better range, and more convenience at lower prices.

    The Toyota Mirai is a brand new hydrogen car with a 300 mile range starting at less then 60 thousand dollars. Currently on an electric vehicle you need the premium high capacity battery package to come near to that number. This combined with a refuel time comparable to a gasoline vehicle, and equivalent or higher efficiency to a Toyota Prius really puts Lithium Ion powered vehicles to shame. Unless you need high performance, hydrogen and gasoline hybrids would be a better comparison. Batteries are still catching up.

  • Hydrogen a better idea, but not able to be practiced

    Running cars on hydrogen is a better policy environmentally. The technology could better support emissions objectives and put our planet on a better track for the future. However, hydrogen technology is no where near where electric car technology is. We should still fund and develop this technology, but right now electric cars are here to stay.

  • Hydrogen fantasies are just that

    Fantasies of a Hydrogen economy, echoed by former US president George W. Bush are just that, they're fantasies. On the other hand, electric vehicles are a proven and sound technology, and used in conjunction with energy sources such as solar, are one of our best bets for lowering carbon emissions.

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