Hydrogen vehicles: Will hydrogen fuel cells lower dependencies on foreign oil?

  • Yes of course

    This is a different type of system for cars then what the United States has been use to for so many years and now we can change things. This change of things can help lower the dependence on foreign oil from across the world. Thus we can put more resources at home.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells are a fantasy which will take billions of dollars away from developing more efficient means of fuel.

    Spending billions of dollars for research and development of hydrogen fuel cells is totally unnecessary. There are already energy sources that are ready to be mass produced that will allow countries dependent on oil to eventually completely overcome this "addiction". Solar photovoltaic technology is already here but not being created as an individual totally affordable fuel source for the ordinary citizen to use on homes and even on vehicles. The fuel for solar energy is totally free and available everywhere, even in large cities with questionable climate. There is always enough solar energy, if combined with local types of available energy such as wind power to create the electricity needed to run small and large cities and major cities like New York and Chicago. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when we already have it here, ready to roll.

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