• Hypnic Jenks are indeed a problem as they may lead to an increase in anxiety and sleep loss.

    Hypnic Jenks is an involuntary twitch that happens right as a person is falling asleep. They are most common in children and the elderly. They create a cycle of sleep loss as fear of their occupancy can compile the already existing sleep loss and ca use anxiety and an increase in sleep loss.

  • Hypnic jerks are a potential problem

    Hypnic jerks present a problem. These are involuntary twitch which occurs as a person is falling asleep. This could mean people get a less restful sleep, which is associated with a variety of medical problems. The more a person does it, the more sleep he or she loses, creating a cycle in which these occur more frequently.

  • Hypnic Jerks: A Problem

    I believe hypnic jerks can be a problem both for the sleeper and for the person they are sleeping with. They may be an indication of an underlying health issue, or an indication of heightened stress levels. It can further cause unintentional injury to the sleeper and their bed mate. It can also become a cycle, if continued untreated, and cause sleep to be less restful.

  • They keep people awake

    It's so hard to fall asleep when you constantly have a hypnic jerk that wakes you up as soon as you start to fall asleep. For some people, this is one thing that prevents them fromt getting a good night's sleep. The problem can be constant, and it makes the person have to start all over again in efforts to fall asleep.

  • Lol I just found out what these are and I thunk, Wow never knew what those were.

    These things are harmless and whenever I get one I just laugh a bit and fall back to sleep. I used to pretend I just got a static shock from my bed telling me it was time to go to bed. These things are so funny I don't see problems.

  • Hypnic Jerks ?

    I'm not exactly sure everyone who responded yes to this topic understands just what a hypnic jerk is or how it is caused. Hypnic Jerks are caused when the person in question is exhausted. They go to rest and their body slows down faster than their brain which tricks the brain into thinking the person is dying. It then sends out messages to the rest of the body urging it to wake up and even a mental picture of something that would scare the person into waking up. This is why you see yourself falling before a Hypnic jerk. It does not cause any sort of medical condition nor does it complicate the person from going back to sleep.

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