I-95 (yes) or I-80 (no): which highway is better? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I find I-95 very convenient.

    Since I have to travel from Virginia to New England a couple of times a year, I am pretty familiar with Route I-95. I find it a very convenient road to have available, even though in spots it gets congested and there are some accidents. I can not imagine trying to go north and south without this very helpful highway to help me get there.

  • I-80 Longer, Goes Coast-to-Coast

    Interstate 80 is the better highway because it's longer, goes through more states, drives through varied terrain and connects two major cities. Nowhere else can someone drive from New York City to Sacramento, California, in just a few days along the backbone of America. I-95 may go through a larger population, but I-80 is longer and carries more freight.

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