I am 11 years and I want a Facebook or Instagram. Can I have one?

Asked by: mustacesrule
  • Freedom of Speech!

    Facebook and/or Instagram is a form of free speech. Age doesn't matter, someone who is 11 years old are still allowed to express their opinion in any way they want. Facebook and Instagram are included in these forms of expression. Preventing anyone from creating a Facebook or/and Instagram would be censoring their opinion and that's called a dictatorship.

  • Sure.. Why not..

    Yes sure.. You're still pretty young but hey no one can judge anyone by their ages like for example, "oh ur only 10.. You can't have facebook account because you're still a bit too young." That is just not right. If anyone wants what they want to do, let them have it. No one should judge anyone by their ages. Sure anyone who's below under 11 too can use facebook or instagram but they just need to follow the safety rules carefully or else it won't be too good.

  • Sure you could

    This is because i don't judge people on their age, i judge them on their intelligence, you seem like you are not that stupid, just be safe. You probably have been warned all about this stuff before and are probably ready to have an account on any social network you want. You should still listen to your parents as it is bound to blow up in your face if they find out.

  • Facebook's good but safety first.

    Nothing is bad if you know your limits and know where to stop.
    Facebook is a good and easy commodity for staying connected but while doing so you must be cautious about your own safety. Setting up privacy measures could be your first step towards having a good and safe time online with your friends.

  • This sucks my mom won't let me have one


  • Same I know how you feel

    I know it’s definitely sooooooo annoying I’m 12 and I’m still not allowed I know how unfair it is but they are only trying to protect you you will just have to show them that you are definitely responsible but maybe 10-11 is too young but it is whatever your parents think just don’t argue about it

  • I agree to you

    I know how it feels I am trying to get Instagram but I don’t know how my parents feel about it. I am ten but 75 percent of people in my class has it. I know how frustrating it is to not get it when every one else has it.

  • Yes, but be careful.

    You are allowed to have it, young or not. But be aware of creeps and people who say bad language. If this ever happens, make your account private. If your parenets are worried about you getting in trouble with instagram, Have a talk with them saying you'll be careful. Just stay safe.

  • Yes just be safe

    Yes I think you should be aloud you should just have some rules like not posting rude or revealing pictures and not supplying your personal info like phone school or address. And I there are any problems then you should talk to an adult about what to do. So overall I think you should have instagram just ask yout parents first

  • Why are 10 year olds or even 11 year olds not even allowed Instagram? My mum don't like me having ANY!

    We 10 and 11 year olds love to chat to our friend on weekends and stuff so why do our parents not let us have Instagram. My mum does not like me having any social media sights and I really want INSTAGRAM BUT MY MUM SAYS IT IS NOT RIGHT FOR MY AGE GROUP! Even know us 10 and 11 year olds know when we need to block or report someone we are not 5 years old!

  • You are not allowed.

    The rules of Facebook prohibit creating profiles for people below the age of 13. This is to protect them from dangers such as viruses or sexual harassment. I do not know what kind of kid you are, but even if you can detect such harmful things, their rules still simply do not let you register an account. Even if you did, you would just be banned, possibly banned based on your IP address, which would prevent the computer you are using from EVER creating an account. So, yes, no Facebook for you. I believe Instagram uses the same rules, though I have no idea if that's true. Basically, always read the guidelines and service terms, even if they seem too long for your tastes.

  • You are too young

    Child, you are only 11! In your age i spent my childhood outside, playing with other children, working in my garden, helping to my mother. Social networks is evil! It has become like a drug! Many adults addicted to it, so what about 11-year-old boy/girl?? There is a lot of interesting and useful things that you can do instead of spending several hours in front of computer.

  • No you are too young.

    Originally you were supposed to be 18 years old or older to create a Facebook on your own. Then people then people that are 13 or older started to create them. Anything below thirteen is quite strange. Being 11 years old and having a Facebook account makes you more predisposed to sexual offense or relinquishing information that could be potentially detrimental to your life.

  • You are not old enough.

    You are not old enough to make the right decisions about what and how you post. These are grooming grounds for pedophiles and their net works. Having a laugh and posting photos might be an action you regret in the future. There is a reason that parents let you believe that they do not know what is going on in teenage worlds. It is because they fear admitting not making the right choices all the time. For those parents with young children many did not have the technology to record every minute act of their adolescence. It can be brushed away. For the techno babes of Y2K they don't always have a say about that. If it is not them posting it is a friend or a friend of a friend. Employers check these accounts. Learn to stay private.

  • The answer is that it all depends.

    I have to trust a mother's judgement about these things. The internet is full of creeps looking to take advantage of 11-year-olds, who generally don't have enough experience to identify the assortment of scammers who come around. I think the best approach is to find a social network, or maybe a way to set up something like facebook, so that the account is strictly restricted to access by friends and family that Mom approves. I'm told that there are sites designed for that, but I don't know what they are; seek someone who can make a recommendation. If the story on security is convincing, Mom will probably go along.

  • You're too young.

    To expose someone as young as you to the dangers of the internet unattended would be irresponsible. Of course, the fact that you're on DDO implies that you're probably (1) older than 11, or (2) ignoring any parental disapproval in the first place. I can't imagine why anyone would allow someone younger than 15 to have a private social network account. That just seems to be asking for trouble.

  • I wouldn't let my kid

    It's got nothing to do with age. Websites like Fb, And Ig are a waste of time. Go mingle with your friends. Once you grow up, You won't get much of a chance to do that anymore. What you need to be doing now is creating a foundation for your future, Not wasting time. Once you get off track, It's going to be very hard to get back on. You have the rest of your life to waste your time on meaningless websites.

  • This one is kinda iffy

    If you're 11, then maybe facebook would be fine, as long as your parents watch your account and make sure you don't do anything, naughty .... BUT INSTAGRAM? Oh god, don't waste your time there, please make better use of your time, people post nasty stuff on there from time to time, and it's hard to watch over a mobile device!

  • A waste of time for someone so young

    As an 11-year-old child, you more or less have little to no idea what is appropriate to be posting on social media sites. The fact you think you need a Facebook or Instagram account is just sad. There are much more productive (and not to mention fun) ways you could be spending your time than staring at a screen and trying to create some kind of cool persona for yourself through what you post on your profile. At some point in your life you will be the only one dictating how you spend your time, and maybe you will realize these ones are a useless waste of it.

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