• I am not racist

    Gotham city is racist. They gave me the name of white knight. I just accepted it so they would be quiet. I have many black friends and I hate white people like Bruce Wayne because they betrayed Rachael when’s he needed help most. You know what, Bane really should rip the jokers head off oh wait, Joker is on death row and is going to be killed in the electric chair at the end of the week. I saw joker and he is so fat, Them cops can’t fit him in the electric chair, Oh what a loser

  • I am gamora

    What the double hockey sticks is racism and why are you racist? You don’t look any different or smell any different. I was so close to avenging thanos but stupid idiot Jamal beat me to star lord and now star lord is gone and off the radar. You know mr. Dent, Do me a favor and blast his head off for me. I am on a tight schedule and I need to talk to Loki about something

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