• Jamals adopted, Harvey dent is racist

    Okay, Jamal has to be adopted because of these reasons. He is the only family member that lacks common sense. He gets kicked in and out of the house constantly. No wonder he’s adopted. His birth parents must have been sick of him so they dumped him into foster care. I’m surprised Jamal lasted as long as he did with his adopted family but if I were jamals parent, I would have smashed him with the bat-mobile when he was a baby. Jamal is more worthless than Harvey dent because at least Harvey dent tried to fight back the right way but he’s a racist so you should have no respect for the man.

  • The myth is busted already you can stop now

    We know you’re one person spamming the crap out of this website and we know you’re one person playing as multiple characters attacking each other and we know literally no one else but you is involved with this giant spam war. I gotta say it’s pretty sad you’ve been keeping this up for literally 30 pages. Really does say a lot about you

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