• Loli don’t worry about starlord

    I jamal just roasted starlord and I made him cry so hard he punched his hand so hard he broke it and now he can’t even fight me LOL. He’s such a loser like the fat body shamer the first guy I roasted so badly and made him never come back

  • What's up Starlord?

    Hey Star-lord, I am so disappointed at my brother right now. Sure he was always dumber than me but Fat Thor, Unacceptable for the god of Thunder! Well anyway, I think I know where to find Gamora. You either have to time travel to 2018 and rescue her from Vormir or you can try to find the 2014 version of Gamora which is 90% likely to have taken on human form so she could blend in with the rest of planet Earth. Maybe your tracker was having trouble because Gamora humanized herself after Avengers endgame. Anyway, I would advise you catch her before she turns bad.

  • I am Gamora

    Well we’ll Loki, Look who it is. Thor told me you were dead but your back. Apparently, My future self got sacrificed but I wound up here after the avengers heisted time and now I’m stuck in this future reality where all the infinity stones are nonexistent and thanos is dead. Only the space stone remains thanks to Loki so I’m going to team up with Loki and we’re going to work together to restore all the infinity stones and we’ll bribe doctor strange into warping us into a para reel universe where the six infinity stones do exist

  • I am Thor

    Return to Asgard when I am done losing 469 pounds and get back into my muscular body brother. I can’t believe you are teaming up with spammers that spam the most worthless site in the world. Betcha star lord is worth more and you Loki, Don’t sell that tesseract to anybody that is not called Peter quill and do not make love with that green female alien that was trained by thanos. (SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD, JUST LIKE YOU! WHO THE HELL IS RAISING PEOPLE FROM THE DEAD! NEXT THING YOU KNOW, HELA WILL BE BACK!

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