• Did I just hear someone say poopy?

    What did I miss. Starlord has 20 incest kids. I should've killed him at first site but I did not because I wanted Gamora to stay off my back (Well that didn't work right since I let the Joker sit on her) but those were the good old days. Thor is fat and he's going on a diet and Jane Foster is MIA. Bully Maguire did not run away completly. You know Starlord, You won't pay 50% of the damage fees. You'll pay 100% of the damage fees.

  • There is no Loki!

    First of all, Loki and the other norse gods don't exist because there is only one god whose one and only son Jesus Christ sacrificed his life on a cross to save us all from our sins. This means that you can't possibly be Loki and even if there was a Loki he wouldn't have a debate. Org account.

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