I am more exited about star wars than christmas

Asked by: Ong
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  • Many, many reasons....

    1. How can I be exited for a Star Wars Movie? That sounds like a really painful procedure actually.
    2. Christmas has an awesome lunch.
    3. I've already watched the latest star wars
    4. Christmas is going to have Nintendo products (Smash bros, Mario Kart 8, and possibly 3D world), which I care about vastly more than the latest tar Wars
    5. Almost everything about Christmas trumps Star Wars.

  • Christmas is better

    I never watched star wars before and do not know whether its nice or not.And i need to pay to watch the movie.In christmas,i receive gifts instead of paying for a movie i didn know about.Maybe star wars is good,but its not free.Besides, christmas is real life but star wars is just a movie

    Posted by: Ong

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