• This is unfair

    You know, I want to beat up Don Lennon so hard and Loki is going to be spared this one time only. First of all, How do "dark skinned humans" get the short end of the stick? What is white supremacy. White people don't exist but light tan people exist. What does BLM even stand for. You can't get rid of the police. They keep justice and security in check plus they save lives when your in trouble. Apparently, I'm racist because I said no to some of the questions and the stupid guy didn't even give an explanation of the quiz. Screw you Loki but Screw you harder Lennon! I don't care if that's racist because I don't know what the hell it is so screw it all to yourself!

  • Told you it's a hoax

    Racism does not exist. Don Lennon can't define what it is for you and none of his test questions are relatable so he is basically filling your brain with useless information. You are incapable of being racist because racism doesn't even exist so tell Don Lennon to screw himself and be on your way. Thank you and good night.

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