• Hey guys, Jamal is one funny dick!

    I don't care what he does with that girl because I never even dated her. Get these laughs out because this Jamal kid is funny. HA HA you think the loss of my girlfriend is going to stop me? YOUR STUPID! ROTTEN IDIOT CLOWN! To make things funnier, The only laughing cow around here is YOU! Your threats are empty because the card I left you was a counterfeit. You can find my true cards in a briefcase I left behind in Gotham. LOOK AT THIS DICK! He actually used my fake cards to kidnap a girl I don't even know! HA HA HA! My real girlfriend is drinking with me right now and she is laughing at your fat chubby baby face which explains why you have the brains of a BABY! Geta job at McDonald's for crying out loud. You couldn't tell me which of my cards are real and which are fake if your life depended on it.

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