• Where are you losers?

    Where is Jamal. I want to beat him up. He’ll be my new archenemies since Batman refused to fight me a 2nd time. He is so salty. He doesn’t eat enough sweets so let me tell you something, Eat your sugars and be a sweet child and let out some laughs lol

  • Hi joker you know what would be entertaining to us?

    Here’s a list of things you can do to entertain us just like you asked for in your last posts
    1 you can shove a dildo up your ass aggressively
    2 you can give yourself a spanking so hard to the point you cry
    3 you can hit yourself
    4 you can talk about how much of a loser you are like jamal
    5 you can cry back to Harley and have us watch her slap you in the face a bunch and dump you cruelly

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