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  • You are such a duck!

    What’s up ducklings? I am having such a good time spamming this site and the penguin is no longer a threat. I am far away from Arkham now and Batman can’t touch me and nobody in the justice league will stop me! C’mon, Jamal is so funny to listen to and nothing he says can offend me because I find humor in everything! Ha ha, Losers!

  • Joker you get back here and fight me coward

    YOU STUPID CLOWN LEAVING STUPID DRAWINGS OF CLOWN FACES. Joker his is bane and you get your ass back here so we can settle this once and for all, Or are you too scared of a clown to fight like a REAL man? I’ll bet your scared just like you were scared of jamals mommy that’s why you’ve never been in a fight LOL. That’s why the Batman said in the Batman LEGO movie you mean nothing to him

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