I believe that country music is the oldest and best genre of music

Asked by: americanmade23
  • Country music has many different types to it, that have been around for longer than other music

    Country music usaully has a story told in the short amount of time that the song is. To be good music i believe that a story should be told within the song's span limit, most of the time a country song does just that. So, if we go along that lines then country music is the best and oldest

  • Country is the Best

    Country may not be the oldest best it is one that will never truly die, despite what some mentally challenged Liberal hate groups might say. First of all, to those who might not know, some of the earliest forms of Country music had a strong Black influence, note, the banjo originally came from Africa. There have been quite a number of Black Country Singers, even now, plus a few Hispanic Country singers including Freddie Fender, Charley Pride, Cowboy Troy and many other. So I ask of you, How can Country Music be racist, it's not just white, has anyone heard any racist comments in Country. I will defend Country till I die. Redneck and Hillbilly are not bad terms

  • Country music isn't bad!

    Country music now is a lot different than how was. There are a lot of subgenres to it like Pop-country, blue grass, classic rock style country and many others. People like to believe that country is just blue grass but that couldn't be far from the truth. When we say that country music is the oldest, we mean that it is the oldest American origin music. Country music has soul and story where as most popular music is about sex and nothing else. So before you disregard country music, actually take time to listen to different styles of country music.

  • It's a matter of opinion.

    No, country is not the oldest but it certainly is a soul soother. Country music is personally my favorite genre, and for many reasons. Mainly because I express my southern roots, maybe more than I should but listening to it also gives me things to relate to, because every song tells a specific story, as said prior. Just my opinion.

  • Absolutely NOT - what about indigenous or tribal music?!

    Drums, flute, sitar, and didgeridoo music predate any country music by thousands and thousands of years!

    You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this! Its a waste of time and resources!

    "Good" music has nothing to do with the "oldest" or even constitutes what we would label as a "story" and - so - I want you to remove this vote opinion poll!

  • Country music sucks

    Is this even a question? Country music is bad. End of story. To be good music, music needs to have a good tune and not some tangy voice that makes you want to change the radio station. I could name tons of music better than country: rap, pop, even classical.

  • Not the oldest

    "Best" is a matter of opinion, but since the question is whether or not I
    "believe" that it is best, I can answer no to that.
    Oldest? No. Country music has its origins in the early 20th century, while classical music dates back about a millennium (though the "classical" period after which the genre was named was about 1750-1820).

    Posted by: CCE
  • I don't know if it's the oldest, but it isn't the best IMO

    Don't argue with me; once in a blue moon I enjoy listening to some Johnncy Cash, Shaina Twain or Rascal Flatts, but most modern country songs have taken on more of a pop-esk sound. The lyrical themes mainly revolve around guys and their trucks, going to their local bar, and their relationship issues. Go back 30-40 years and the themes would be quite different. And I do enjoy hearing bluegrass as well, but that's a slightly different theme. Me, I'm more of a hard rock/metal guy, but I enjoy a little country music now and again. I just wouldn't rank it as my all-time favorite genre.

    Posted by: S.K
  • It Gets Older Than That!

    The oldest recorded music I can think of is the hymns used by priests is ancient synagogues in acts of praise. I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of an older civilization banging sticks on things to make sound or something. As for my opinion on it being the best genre out there, I've always been more of a Rock n' Roll kinda guy, though I do love me some Johnny Cash.

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