I believe that most religions worship the same deity under different names/perspectives

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  • Yes I believe you do feel this way.

    I believe you feel this way because you stated "I believe that most religions worship the same deity under different names/perspectives"
    Which leads me to the conclusion that you believe that most religions worship the same deity under different names/perspectives.

    You might want to rephrase your question. . . .

  • God as much a creation as God is the Creator.

    Let me be perfectly clear when I say God I am not only referring to the Christian God. I am simply using the term God as a place holder for any supreme being or beings. Now as we all are fully aware there is no definitive proof for or against the existence of God we all know this and to deny this fact is to be just as blind as each side claims the other is. The issue occurs when we are faced with the fact that we simply don't know the answer to this question leaving us with one solution. This solution is what arguably has guided human existence through all of our short history; this solution is faith. It is faith that leads us into the unknown with a blind confidence that has resulted in the many successes and failures of our existence it is also what guides us on the most impossible of all questions, the question of is there something greater than ourselves. When presented with this impossible paradox we still as humans answere this question with as much confidence as ever if not more because after all we had been led there by our basic instincts. However our instincts have not lead us all to the same conclusion; it is because of this that we must all face this paradox one more time now with doubts, doubts that no matter how much you say they are wrong will always be in back of your mind. Once again you must call upon your faith, this faith seemingly something that you have created as much as it has created you. This is what I feel divinity has granted us. Your faith is your God whether it be in the form of the Christian God, Allah, or even science itself. Your God is also your faith, constantly guiding and shaping you just as much as you do the same to it.

  • Yes because they connect

    I've noticed that a lot of religions have stories that are similar or all most identical to eachother therefore i believe that there is a single god like being that is worshipped by anyone with any religious belief. As for religions that believe in multiple deities i believe those are different parts of the same being

  • I believe this

    I have always believed that they are usually worshiping the same God. Religions were different hundreds of years ago, we as humans have altered them drastically. Like in one of the comments above, God is God, the creator, not just the Christian God. When most people hear the word God they are closed off because they automatically close themselves off due to association. There is so much more to God than that.

  • I believe that you believe that

    The way you worded the statement, you are asking if people think that you believe that statement that you put. Next time either only put the statement or use that in a debate. I hate these stupid minumum words things on here who needs 50 words for these ugh. Ugh

  • Impossible to answer, but likelihood is low

    While some of the base ideas in different religions are similar, based on the majority of the ideas behind them, they seem to be mutually exclusive.

    Beyond this, this question begs so many more - can multi-deity religions be compatible with monotheistic ones? What do we mean when we say the same deity? How would you really look at this to assess it? What is the litmus test for a good answer.

    Given that most religions have a proviso that if you don't follow their faith, you are following the wrong god, and that you can be condemned for eternity for choosing wrong, how could they be stemming from the same deity?

    This also pre-supposes that there is a deity to worship.

  • Yes and no

    Objectivity is key to understanding my view point.

    FYI: The term deity is subjective to polytheism and is not a valid replacement for the term god in monotheism.

    A complex question to which I'm struggling to give a simple answer.

    One must first recognize objective morality and the existence of good/evil and that every being falls into one of those two categories.

    Only then can they reach the conclusion that not all "deities" are of the same nature.

    It is impossible for everyone to worship the same "deity" because not all "deities" are the same.

    However, monotheistically speaking, yes. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all worship the same "god" under different labels and limitations.

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