I feel we as a country need to start heading In a new direction with the "war on drugs" matter...Why not, make drugs legal?

Asked by: Wyliemo924
  • Yes we do… in a way…

    Drugs aren't a black and white issue. Should weed be legal? No doubt! LSD? Sure. Lower alcohol age to 18? Hell yah! Meth? NOOOOOO! Cigarettes? Probably not unless it is pure tobacco although cigars are probably fine tbh. See what I mean? Not to mention DUIs! All drugs need DUIs! No exception! Why don't we all just go smoke some weed and everything will be alright!

  • YES they should be legalized

    Yes! America, "land of the free", should legalize drugs for recreational uses. Our country represents freedom and how can we be totally free if we cannot make the decision to use drugs or not? To be truly free we must have the freedom to make good or bad choices in life and if drugs are illegal we have a limitation in our freedom. Whether or not you think drugs are good for you or not isn't the issue; people who use "illegal" drugs know that they have harmful effects on them (although some might argue otherwise). As far as crime goes, not much will change. Legal or not people will still use them and deal them. There aren't many people (although there may be a small number) who say the only reason they aren't doing drugs is because it's illegal. No, they don't do it because there is either no desire to or they don't want to become addicted or mess up their health. People who want to do and sell drugs will do and sell drugs no matter what the law says.

  • I think yes

    I think if we legalized drugs there would be less deaths, think of how many people have been killed from drug wars and quite frankly whats the point of keeping them illegal alcohol is a drug and its being used its not illegal, weed is definitely a drug its not legal but so many people do it. I mean if you legalize it yes it kills brain cells and kills people but that's their stupid decision to make. Also when i said less deaths i meant like shootings and stuff there would still be people who are high and might want to drive.

  • Yes, we need to legalize ALL them, even the worst ones

    I love how people say drugs and they seem to forget that by all definitions alcohol is a drug. Alcohol is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people every year in America, yet no one seems to advocate for making that illegal. Probably because prohibition was proved to be the worst possible solution.
    Legalize all drugs and tax the revenues. Take the police and reassign them to finding people selling drugs without the proper permits and licenses. Maybe legalizing will empower the dealers to create a more positive life for themselves.
    Also, bringing drug use into the open will probably make it easier for people who need help to get it.

  • Keeping drugs illegal isn't helping.

    Keeping drugs illegal as we do only serves to line the pockets of gangs, deny citizens the right to do what they wish with their bodies, and create a massive, untaxable black market. Keeping drugs illegal also leads to the drug market being completely unregulated, which leads to drug users getting far more dangerous drugs without their knowledge.

  • The word "war" includes enemies...

    If drugs are the enemies, you need to battle them, not the millions of people that desperately need that living. Save the money for the people to get help, rehabilitated, and helping those who's only chance at getting ahead is to join a gang or sell drugs. Making them legal will redirect the focus. Spend the money on helping those people, giving them options. Don't spend it on hurting them. Jail is not rehabilitative. It's a very failed and expensive system. You want to really fight the DRUGS (the real enemy), then spruce up education and opportunities. There are so many people trying to help those needy people. SEND.THEM.THE.MONEY!

  • What's changes since it's started? Any progression? The negatives? Is anyone making money off this? Who's really paying the price for the war on drugs?

    As man directions this might could go, I'm stuck on just making drugs legal...Is what I as a person would normally want? No...Not at all...But I believe it's what might have to happen in order to start moving forward as an actual society, and nation that cares for its people. And i bet you think "But how does making drugs legal help the nation move forward?" Sounds like all out chaos could happen right? But tell me how incarceration for X amount of days/weeks/months/years charging people X amount of money to pay in fines, and when the fines don't get paid if told to pay fines, it's back in jail...But tell me how incarserating anyone with any kind of drug related crime has actually HELPED anything at all? Making drugs legal would allow the drug addicts, dealers, traffickers, the importing of drugs and so on...That would release all of them...Stay with me...The addicts, people who are dependent on their drug of choice....Weather it's a man made drug, prescription drug, or pot...Now I'm not sayin pot is not a drug in this, I put it by itself because it's a natural born, from the earth plant, not man made nor prescribed, unless your in the right state. But as far as the man made drugs...Does anyone think that maybe this punishment and makin them pay $$ and have it possible hinder them from getting any kind of job, be it for a while or forever...You'll have a record and anything drug related relatively sticks with you once you get out of jail or prison...What next? You have to literally build your way back up in life just to get to a sustainable living condition. Finding a job will be hard enough, much less if they have kids or have to pay child support or something that maybe they have going on in their life that we don't awknowledge. All that matters, or should I say matters to the government, the law makers, decision holders..."we got em" "another one off the street" "make them pay"...And this doest apply to ALL positions or every head up in government. Then you loo at what we actually see in everyday life..."so n so went to jail for cooking and selling math again, this time he got 2-3 years." Well now let's look at what may have caused "so n so" to want to do that...Maybe something happened that ultimately he had no other way to make money because of what hindered him in the past...OR maybe he's just one of the people that just don't care about other people and just wants to get rich quick and easy way? But...Idealisticly doesn't that sound like our own government...? Doesn't care about other people and just wants to get rich?...I've got so much more that I can say about this and many other subjects on "war on drugs" should it be a method of punishment or do you think, maybe....Just maybe, a method of treatment?

  • No, no need to legalize ALL of them

    As "Cinnamon153" stated in their argument using alcohol as an example doesnt help at all. Not all drugs should be legal at all, in every form of society there are good people and bad no matter whats illegal or legal that is just human nature but making drugs like cocaine and heroin legal would be the downfall of our society today, there are more deaths from persecription drugs than there are cars in japan.. Now although you do make a good point about legalizing drugs such as marijuana or things that have no "known" health defects but making it legal for someone to give another human a ticket to death should NOT be legal whatsoever

  • It is not a silver bullet.

    It might work in certain areas but legalizing it is not going to be the answer. Portugal legalized all drugs and did see a fall in drug use but it did not get rid of it. They also did other things like build community connections and other supports that could have played a role in the fall. People with access to legal drugs may still buy illegal drugs {going next door versus 10 blocks away to a legal place for example}.

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Mr_Anderson says2015-08-19T19:58:00.350
Making hard hallucinogens legal is not a good idea.