• They are dumb and that ain't good.

    Damn sheeple believe anything the government tells them Like wearing mask there's no proof that they work yet people wear them! What really annoys me is people who love there country and follow the government. Some people think it is there duty to obey the government they where raised to think the state is the good guys and they need to help defeat all those criminals. This is a good guys bad guys myth and the simple minded buy into this and believe government propaganda. FOR GOD'S SAKE THINK FOR YOUR SELVES!

  • Sheeple are despicable cowards

    Sheeple are contemptible scum. They think slapping on a muzzle makes you a good person because the media said so. It doesn't, It makes you a delusional imbecile complicit in bringing about a totalitarian state. They sell out future generations for their arrogant kicks with not a jot of evidence to back it up. Just look at the grade a moron who replied about his scientist mate. It's pathetic, It's disturbing, And I can only thank God that they'll be depopulated soon enough.

  • If you hate morons

    If you hate morons go to a doctor you might have some self hate issues my man. There a lot of evidence showing that the masks work and i have friend that is a scientist, We talked a lot about these stuff. He says that the mask keep out most of the air molucels that cary the virus, Just because you are selfish doesn't mean you should be able to put people in more risk.

  • I don't hate morons and you should not hate yourself.

    I don't hate people who are not intelligent. It is not their fault and smarter people should help them not put them down. Plus they work really hard and can be put to work doing simple tasks.
    What I dislike are people who think that they are smart and overestimate themselves like this guy over here. A guy that knows he is not bright I like. A dumb guy that thinks he knows everything I dislike.

    You call people who wear mask sheeple but chances are that you still wore a mask. Businesses can get heavy fines so not enforcing mask rules so they have to enforce a mask policy.

    Yet the fact that you think everyone is wearing a mask because they are weak shows that you are not the sharp one.

    You probably listen to the fraud Alex Jones who predictions are so bad makes a television physic seem more accurate. And you probably believe that somehow racist Nazis teamed up with Arabic Muslims to defeat white people?

    You can believe that you are smart and special and above the crowd but that does not make it true.

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Starlord616 says2020-10-21T07:29:34.247
Why is the picture of nazi germany?
Shamayita says2020-10-22T07:48:45.760
Same question as @Starlord616. How's the picture even relevant?
Malbec says2020-10-23T07:21:16.250
Yes I hate Trump as wel,
Malbec says2020-10-23T07:21:23.817
Yes I hate Trump as well

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