• Straight people are bigots.

    My life has been made hell at the hands of straight people they are incredibly entitled, Homophobic and downright hateful. You know how common it is for straight men to use gay slurs like “fag”, “queer”, Or “homo”, And do you know how that affects gay men. In new york a gay man was beaten into a coma on a subway platform while the assailant screamed homophobic slurs and that the man was “a f***ing gay” they didn’t get to charge him with a hate crime because those words are so commonly used it’s within “reasonable doubt”. They also feel entitled to know others sexuality I heard a straight guy get mad because he thought someone was gay he then proceeded to mock that persons sexuality and get mad that he didn’t disclose it to him, He felt entitled to know in case the gay guy “tried to make a move”. Suffice to say straight people are the worse they’ve been murdering us for generations now.

  • Is it good? No.

    I am not saying we should hate straight people, But it is "I hate straight people" not "straight people should be tortured". The only other person that answered yes is the person that asked question, So it would mean a yes. The only reason one would answer no is as if the author of the other yes argument deleted his post.

  • f***ing straight people

    Omg straight people r the worst y tf do we need them all they do is be against the LGTBQ community, A straight person killed my two gay dads who where gay because they where gay f***ing straights being hetero sexual should be illegal and a war crime f**k straight people

  • Oh you hate us?

    Well aren't you heterophobes. You just proved us wrong when you think we are the scared ones. You retarded degenerates. Unlike you, The majority of us are not scared to speak the truth. Heterosexuality is loved, Natural and good. Homosexuality brings AIDs, No kids, Imbalance and chaos to society. Heterosexuality is not bigotry. Homosexuality is bigotry. Heterosexuality is right. Homosexuality is wrong. SJWs, Feminazis and snowflakes are invalid.

  • God Loves You!

    To me, This is a simple answer. God loves you whatever your sexual orientation. God doesn't hate people, He hates Sin. "God loves the sinner, But hates the Sin. " And as a Christian, I try to follow godliness in my life, So I would say I don't hate straight people.

  • Are you sure about that?

    Personally I think men that are extremely violent toward gay men might be gay. Name calling? Women get called ugly names all the time by men.
    Its always the same men that insult gay people women or non white people or some other group like gamer. You face something that other people face you are not alone.
    I personally do not agree with homosexuality but that does not mean I want to eradicate you. I will treat you like any other human being but I do not like homosexuality it is wrong in my opinion.

  • This is stupid lol

    I hate to break it to you, But not all straight people are like this buddy. Just because you have had some bad experiences with a few bad apples does not mean that everyone in that particular category is bad. That is just a hasty generalization, A fallacy bro. It is exactly the same for a straight person to say they hate gay people because a few gay people called the straight person a "breeder".

  • This is so dumb.

    Why is this an argument. Like why, So if is say hate people is that okay? Is hating non straight people okay? Is hating people the thing in todays society? People need to stop doing this, Becuase it is hurting us and everyone that sees or hears it. Just Stop.

  • I love straight people

    I think that straight people are the best this debate shouldn’t even exist like I mean come on man straight people are the best and the greatest thing to ever exist gay people homosexual and homophobic and of course homophobia are the worst so take that you stupid debate ok bye bye

  • don't hate gay, Bi, Lesbian, Or straight people

    If straight people didn't exist, Humans would die out quickly. Scientifically reproduction requires a male and a female to have sex to create a child and keep the species living on. Although if you are straight and you hate on gay, Lesbian, Or bi, People, Then screw you. Truth has been spoken.

  • No, I don't define a person based on their sexuality.

    Hating straight people would make you a bigot, Why not judge a person based on their actions instead? If I said I hated gay people, That would be stupid. I would only hate a gay person if they were a horrible asshole, Them being gay wouldn't be the reason. Why would you hate a person for being straight?

  • Hate only brings more hate

    I am straight and I fully support LGBT+ just because someone is straight doesn't mean they want to harm you in some way SMH.

    Equally I've seen many gay and lesbian people who are friends with straight people and have had no issues? One persons experience does not define every single persons experience.

    People are people, And whatever you are or want to call yourself I try to respect that. If people want to be friends with me that's cool too, I'm not going to judge you based off of your sexual preferences.

  • The LGBT community is hypocritical

    I like how the LGBTQ+ community claims that "love is love" and they're all for "diversity" and "equality" but all they truly want is to dispose of straight people. If it weren't for straight, Bi, And pan people these people wouldn't even exist. They wouldn't have been born and no reproduction would happen.

    Then they go around saying "I hate straight people", Only to deny the existence of increasing heterophobia. May I remind you these are the same people who are intolerant of religion and want to ban it? Yeah, Not the accepting angels people think, Are they?

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bostonterrier says2020-02-07T03:31:21.577
You are kind of mean for saying this. Stap being mean and just don't tell them your opinion. Please
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-09T00:52:59.390
These either/or "hate"s, Drive me nuts. I HATE ALL PEOPLE. . . Which would make me the most inclusive individual on this site. (dances The Hustle)

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