• You are so stupid!

    First of all, You accuse Batman of being racist for not helping a black boy when we asked him to kill the joker who is white. C’mon, Jamal doesn’t need Batman. He rocks on his own. Second of all, You side with a black girl after she tries to trick an innocent white boy into making racial slurs. Now, Your accusing somebody of being racist when they don’t even know what racism is. You could have at least written a paragraph about racism and the civil rights movement before giving the test. OKAY! You cannot ask somebody if they support BLM without telling them what BLM stands for and you cannot accuse gamora of being a white supremicist because she is a green skinned and the actress that played her character was black and if I am right, Non whites are incapable of being racist, Right? Maybe you should have tried to explain the racial crisis in five sentences or less before giving the quiz.

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