• Hey spammers, Take your spam war to tiktok or youtube

    Hey spammers, I want you to take your spam war to another social media platform like tiktok, Snapchat, Or YouTube for the following reasons
    1. ) you’ll get more attention if you start spamming tiktok or Snapchat
    2. ) you’ll piss more people off
    3. ) you’ll give all the debaters here a break
    4. ) you might even make some money off your spam
    5. ) Tiktokers and snapchatters deserve to be bullied day and night which is a job for bully maguire
    6. ) bane can also rip heads off tiktok dancers
    7. ) Jamals list of people to do and sit on Will quadruple if he starts to spam tiktok or Snapchat
    8. ) marvel characters are more popular on YouTube

  • No we’re gonna stay here LOL

    Hello I am Jamal, Videos are too hard for me to make, Spamming debate. Org is easier because 1 it’s funnier and 2 all I have to do is type, I don’t have to worry about money because mommy gives me everything I want. Oh btw through this website i did your mom

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