• The myth has been busted

    Cmacynsk2, Jamal, Jamal’s mom, Body shamer, Starlord616, David Nichols, Email spammer and the other guy was all one person making all these accounts jumping back and fourth from account to account, Person to person starting HUGE drama. How do I know this? Well you see they all got thrown in it and they all had fun in it so. . .
    Yeah. . . .

  • 100% right except for 1.

    You are right on all these things except the e-mail spammer one. I'm the e-mail spammer. I really I don't know why everyone made such a big deal about it, But I somehow got involved and needed to kick badyshamer so I fought him until Jamie came here, Now I want Jamie to leave because he may be less bad then the bodyshamer but he's still a spammer.

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