• Jamal I know that's you

    I know you're the one begging me to stop spamming and stop body shaming you and exposing you, You posted every question crying about the "Body shamer" (Me) acting like multiple different people but guess what I'm here to expose you and I got an army on my side. We're a standing militia while you're just 1 fat person and there's nothing you can do.

    Hahahaha go cry to mommy maybe that will work

  • I'm not Jamie you mother f**ker.

    And I'm not begging you to stop I'm not 460 pounds I'm a little overweight but that's because of the lockdown. I am not a spammer I admit to posting the stuff about needing to verify my e-mail because debate. Org has gone so down hill that someone needs to say it. You are so dumb that you think all the spammers on this site are 1 person well they're not. I am just 1 person who posted something that you didn't like now you stop spamming. THIS IS WAR!

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