• CONGRATU - bloody - LATIONS

    I like girls. You don't see my running around telling the world that. You like boys? Awesome I don't care
    This is what is wrong with the LGBTQAIZD3H97Y#%I@ community. They wanna show the world this. If you want to be treated as equally and "normal". Then act like "normal" people and don't go shining your pride around like some gay peacock. You don't see straight cis gender males hopping about saying "I LIKE GIRLS! CIS PRIDE! WHITE LIVES MATTER! "
    Just live life without bothering people

  • What does the facts say?

    GET REAL! Does the authority says to have a relationship with the same gender? For example when you are lighting up a Christmas tree do you put the "boy"/"girl" pieces together or do you put one of each together? Be reasonable please. You to keep your body clean.

    God Bless

  • Being gay is a mental disability

    Enough said I mean it's obvious and has been proven that it is a mental disorder but now scientist are politically motivated in their research and they won't come out with the studies anymore. Back before the left pushed the acceptance of this the most scient said that it is not natural and something is wrong with the brain and they proved it.

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