• Pick on Harley Quinn or bane

    Harley Quinn is worse than the joker and all she does is make herself look like an idiot like the other spammers but at least joker knows how to make himself look good even as a fat man. Bane is going to rip your face off if you don’t watch your back. I don’t care about you Jamal so Shut up because you are not funny and I hope your spine breaks because nobody cares about your sad depressing backstory

  • Fine, Okay okay

    I talked to the government and they are putting the joker in death row. His execution is scheduled to be on January 20th. Anyone who wants to watch can come to Arkham prison between the times 8:00 and 9:00 on that day. We want to get it done with before Biden is inaugurated into office.

  • I am jamal

    No, Don’t put joker on death row! I’m going to miss sitting on his fat and lazy stomach. Who am I going to pick on next? Star lord is too not fat. Loki is my hero, Harvey dent has no concern with me, You know what cat woman, I really hate you.

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