• Jokers so stupid

    I hate the joker. How dare he talk to Jamal like that. He is right about one thing though. MLK day is coming up and joker is right to say calling Harvey dent the white knight is racist. How dare you. The dent act is white supremicist because black people go to jail for committing simple robberies and the most infamous cat burglar cat woman is out stealing diamonds and she gets away with it (mostly) don’t steal from someone you can’t outrun, Okay? #dentactisracist.

  • Jackie’s here now

    Harvey dent is racist, Sexist, And he should have never been in the Batman movies. White knight, WHAT THE HECK? White knight is based off white supremacy and it only shows how even now, White people are smearing tar on black America. Surrender whites, The black community is losing their patience with your stubbornness!

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