• Jamal is a fantasy

    Hello, I am the original person who posted the first Jamal post in that debate "we need to kick the fat losers in their mothers basement off". I made up the character Jamal in a post to that debate because the guy who made that debate was being stupid and making up a "fat spammer". That person in question, Made the persona of the "body shamer" and started a war against my fake character Jamal. He then went on to make Jamals family and weird people. So no, There is no Jamal who sits on his a** in his mothers basement and there is no Jamal family.

  • Thank you kind sir for trying

    Thank you for trying to put the final nail in the coffin to this whole war drama and idk if you’re telling the truth or not but either way it looks like the war is going to continue and nobody knows who is who and uhh yeah :/

    Seriously though thanks for trying

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