I mixed water with a drink mix and i said i was drinking water it it still water?

Asked by: jebthedoge
  • It is still water!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Chemistry 101 .

    If you put lemonade mix in a glass of water it changes color. A chemical reaction happens, and the water becomes lemonade. I can see why people would say it's still water, because the water is still there. But, technicly, the water has changed form and is no longer water.

  • Of course it is.

    The drink mix is just a substance diluted in water, the water may change color and taste, but the drink it forms still contains, is made of and would not be liquid without water. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • OFC it is

    The reason I vote yes is because it is simply a compound of water and the water mix u r left with a water based drink, for all the mother fuckkin tards that vote no u should be removed from the gene pool effective immediately, enough said, #science #makeamericagreatagain #tards

  • You must shake it because [drink mix]+water does not a chemical make.

    Yes, yes; chemistry this, chemistry that, but many seemed to have discounted some as basic as Chemistry 101: mass. In adding a drink mix (assuming that it is powdered), the mass within the container would increase, which indicates that the drink mix would not have had completely replaced the water, rather it would have simply become bound to the water molecules in the container, in other words, the mixture is only an emulsion that preserves the water molecules such that it may be readily extracted by way of evaporation, leaving in purgatory cup, the drink mixture, hence being not a chemical, it is basically water + [drink mix], and not [water + drink mix]

    Ever wonder why you are either required to stir or shake it prior to consumption of most lest there be sediment at the bottom of the cup? And how "Kool-Aid"+water isn't on the periodic table?

    But science fiction aside, you may say that you are consuming water, since you are hydrated with the same amount of water (assuming you haven't applied heat to the mixture while mixing such as to induce evaporation) that is present before and after.

    Though, of course, if the contents of the drink mixture were to have a contrary health effect to having drank pure water, e.G., energy drinks, and if the person inquiring had concerns that could only be satisfied by an answer that is composed solely of the consumption of pure water- defined by reasonably availability, i.E., mineral water-, then to have said that you had drank water and not disclose the addition of the drink mixture, would be wrong and deception.

  • In the sense that it is an aqueous solution, yes.

    When a person is drinking water--even if they mix nothing in--they are in reality drinking an aqueous solution as all water on earth falls short of being pure H20. There are minerals and other things even in highly purified water. If someone was sucking on a bottle of unaltered Dasani you would say they were drinking water in spite of what other things were in it. The water isn't changed to some other chemical just because it has things mixed in. Even if you could mix something in that changed SOME of the molecules to something else, there would still remain a fairly homgeneous mixture, so any sip would contain large amounts of H20 and the statement "I am drinking water" could be considered truthful. The statement "I am drinking only water" if taken literally could never be considered truthful as all water contains non-water to some extent.

  • Yes, you are still drinking water.

    It’s simple chemistry, really. Mixing water with juice crystals does not result in a chemical change. Rather, what happens is that the juice crystals dissolve into the water. No new substances were formed. The water still exists in the substance, so it is okay to say that when you are dridnking the juice you are drinking water.

  • The water is not pure.

    The water is not pure so it is not counted as water. If you had a juice box that had 80% fruit juice, 10% sugar, 5% colours and 5% water, it is not determined as water, it is determined as juice. I have to write words cause I don't have enough.

  • Chemistry Says No

    The water goes through a chemical reaction when you add a drink mix. The color, the flavor, and the odor all are changed. These are all signs that a chemical reaction has taken place. So therefore, water becomes a new "substance" when you add drink mix to it. Case closed.

  • No, I believe the name would change based on the mix.

    If, for example, you put some Kool-Aid mix into water, than you'd say you are drinking Kool-Aid. If you would then tell someone that the red liquid you are currently drinking is water, then they would have a hard time believing that to be true, and it would not be true because you would be drinking Kool-Aid.

  • It is now flavored water

    Soda has traces of water in it. Juice has traces of water in it. Does that mean soda and juice are water? Exactly. Definition of water is "a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms." If you add flavoring in it, it is no longer flavorless or odorless or anything else in the definition

  • This is retarded

    Ok how should i say this it is not pure water there for you can not say that its pure water its a mixture of both drinks and the cause of because it is shows your intelligence in the debate field
    so there i am done case close i am done

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