I propose a world without government or any law.

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  • Humans are a free race. We are animals. Let us free to run our own lives.

    This topic should not be analysed from the perspective of a present day inhabitant of the earth but instead, we must look at it from a parallel world.
    We will see that, animals have succeeded though not as much as humans but they have freedom.
    Why should society control you and I? If I want to kill you then so be it.

    Posted by: odi
  • Personally, I do no need or give consent to being governed.

    Here are the laws: Don't hurt anyone else. If you do, you are breaking the rules of mankind and the people of your locale will ostracize you.
    I do not need a controller or an auditor to tell me or my community that. If some people do, then let them that is their own personal choice. But leave me out of it, I do not consent to being governed at all much less to being governed by complete greedy idiots like now.

    Government textbook definition is control. Government has millions of laws and initiates force to enforce and force their ideas on other people that just want to be left alone in peace. All wars in the past have been started by governments. Schools, jails, dmv's institutions in general have all failed and they produce nothing. Also, monopolies like the ones we have today could not exist without government.

    Government exists by force, not choice. If some people are uncivilized and do stupid things, it has nothing to do with me. My life is my responsibility and my choices are the ones I have to live with. I refuse to live by other people's bad decisions. A person spills a soda in the breakroom, no more soda at work period.
    Governments in the past have always ruined the people that they control. Let man stop being a lower animal and rise up to the occassion of being responsible for his or her own actions. If you disagree with me, fine, you have the right to live in a society under a ruling body, but I also SHOULD have to right to opt out, and go live with other people that believe in personal choices, responsibility and informed making of decisions, and do not believe in initiation of force or cohersion.

  • "Government" and "Law" naturally form:

    Let us pretend we are turtles. If you propose to a turtle that there should be a world where the eggs are not laid and the young are born alive so that they cannot be slain prior to their hatching in their defenseless state the turtle will look at you like you are mad and wonder what is afoot with your brain.

    So it is here with humans.

  • The state of nature allows no human to have their rights

    Locke stated in his theory that the state of nature has no protection for the individual. The reason why we have a government is to protect the natural rights given to us when we are born. Without a government, you cannot be guaranteed your rights, because any one person can act in their own interest and take said rights away from you.

  • Go ahead, try it.

    It's not going to work, but you're probably not going to let me stop you.

    First, the state is necessary. Organized human states are just too essential to get rid of. We need each other to survive and we need order.

    No one would like a world without government, not even anarchists. It would be dangerous (especially for our descendants) and the species would not survive.

    We may be animals, but we are rational and social animals.

    GOD help you all.

  • Will Not Work

    If you propose a world without any government or law, then I can only say that humanity does not provide an acceptable environment for this society. Without some form of order, society would be chaotic and overwhelmingly dangerous. Even if we do not have an official form of government, we would undoubtedly observe social hierarchies develop into an unconventional form of government. If you ask us to compare the human species to animals, this is proven true. Ants, wolves, apes, bees, whales, bears, lions, birds, and practically every species of creature falls into a hierarchy of some type. If you are asking humans to give up laws in favor of a more primitive existence, then I feel that our whole society will regress with it.

  • It wouldn't work.

    We are pack animals by nature, and all of our successes as a species have been secured through cooperation on societal levels. All of our failures have (and will) come from not cooperating.

    Cooperation requires trust.

    Trust is more easily created through order and prosperity.

    Order and prosperity come from law.

    Law comes from a stable government.

    A suggested world where anything goes would only take us backwards. We've seen examples close to this type of world in the past, and yet they always evolve into something more ordered in the end. There's an inevitability within us to become ordered on some level, such a proposed world could not exist.

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