I say we just give teachers guns so that when students act up the teachers can put a bullet in their foot.

  • Get in the mental asylum, please

    Gee, and I thought I had some messed up thoughts. I'm pretty sure that no teacher would actually want to do that, and even then it's a blatant violation of Article 5 of the Human Rights Act, stating that nobody has the right to hurt or torture others. Torture, by definition, is considered to be, among other things, the deliberate inflicting of severe physical pain. Sounds a lot like putting a bullet in someone's foot to me. There's a damn good reason that countries like the UK and a large chunk of the US banned corporal punishment.

  • Are you okay?

    Do you know that having a bullet go through your foot is one of the most painful things a human can feel? Fun fact, it is. This is something I would think to have been done centuries ago. Are you just primitive, or do you not know of the immense pain caused by guns?

  • What even is this argument?

    Bullets cause an immense amount of pain and basic bad behavior is most certainly not worth a bullet in the foot. This is an insane idea that only a psychopath would think of. These Wounds could get infected and end up killing the kid. Not only that, a teacher that already has a gun makes it much easier for them to commit a mass shooting.

  • Um... No, that is stupid.

    Why would give a teacher a gun to shoot the kids? That is promoting more violence in schools than there already is. If we teach our kids to just shoot when they don't like something. Our kids will grow up thinking that they can shoot people and it is ok. Our death rate would go up and then be probably higher than our birth rate. The birth rate will go down because one everyone would be in jail. Two no one would want to have kids if everyone is getting shot. This probably the stupidest thing in the world.

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