• Hi, I'm Jackie

    I am Jackie and I would like you to meet my new friend Todd. He's homosexual and he was willing to befriend me. I am glad Jamal surrendered because I want to help him see the truth. His mommy lied to him about us blacks and it is time to lift up the veil at last. BLM! Jamal surrenders to us and now his mommy must follow or else!

  • I am Jamals father

    I will accept your silliness to surrender. For punishment, I can either sell you into slavery or force you to watch your mommy be tortured. I could also enroll you into school with your sister. Or I could cancel your punishments if you were willing to betray your order and join my side of the fight

  • I am natalie

    Looks like Jamal wants to surrender so as Natalie, I will cancel my plans to kick Jamal in the nuts and now I’m going to Jamal’s father and the body shammer for advice on what to do. Jamal’s mommy is such a racist trump supporter. Thank God Biden won the election

  • I am Jamal and I quit

    I surrender. I always thought something was up with the way my mother taught me. She said people with dark skin were not as privileged as light skinned people but now after hearing about the way she treats them, It is worse than I thought. At least I try to be funny but my mommy is downright mean to dark skinned people. I am badly educated and because of that, I surrender and my father may punish me in anyway he wants. My mother will not approve this so I did not tell her but please father, Please accept my surrender and punish me as you wish.

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