I think drug possession should be legal in every state including possession of narcotics , cocaine , heroin and meth

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  • Drugs should not be a criminal matter. Current system has done a poor job regulating drugs and protecting people from danger

    First off, what is the crime? Second, who's concern is it what people put into their bodies?

    Answer to the first question is none. Answer to the second question is it should be personal responsibility that ought to dictate and guide one's actions. Everybody knows drugs are harmful and inadvisable, we know that through education and experimentation.

    The current system that prohibits possession, sale, cultivation, and distribution of drugs has failed to eradicate drug use and provide a better quality of life. It is under this system that a black market emerged, and under this system that drug use is higher than ever (was never so widespread before that). It is under this system that people are racially profiled, people die in great numbers in drug war zones, and are not provided with sufficient resources to recover.

    Legalization will gradually eradicate the black market, will regulate drugs in terms of how they're manufactured, inform consumers via warning labels and awareness, and free up substantial room to focus on more important matters, such as rehabilitating the troubled, expanding community services, and keeping violent offenders off the streets.

  • I think drug possession should be legal in every state including possession of narcotics , heroin , meth , cocaine and marijuana

    Lets all face the facts there are tons of people that like to get high on drugs and sometimes have possession of narcotics , crack cocaine , meth , marijuana , i even think that drug dealing should be legal in all states lets all just face the facts drugs make the world go round

  • Yes, Completely, and Absolutely

    There is no reason for the possession of a SUBSTANCE to be illegal. We should've learned the pitfalls of prohibition with alcohol in the 1920's, but it seems that we didn't. This is quite sad. But they are beginning to see the light, with Cannabis legalization in some U.S. states. MDMA and shrooms will be next. In reality, I don't care about the rest. As long as I have those three, I don't need anything else...

  • It is theoretically viable...

    What's the real problem with drugs, anyway? Yeah, they're dangerous... But so is alcohol, and it's legal. So are cigarettes, but they're legal. I know that most of us are just morally objected to this, as I was until I actually read a few posts on it; but we need to think realistically here. Drugs could potentially make a lot of money for the government, while also freeing up the funding on forces like the DEA. The legalization of drugs is something that I cannot see happening ANY time soon, but it wouldn't be a terrible situation at all if they did; it may actually be quite beneficial.

  • It's your body, so you should be able to choose what you do with it.

    Most people think that if drug possession were legal, the rate of addiction, death caused by drugs, and overall drug use would increase. But that's not true, and Portugal is the proof. In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs and decided to treat users with therapy rather than punish them. Since then, the rate of drug use has DECLINED. On the other hand, the United States has extremely strict drug laws, yet we are also 4 times more likely to use cocaine than other countries near us. People want what they can't have, so if you're just worried that if drugs are decriminalized/legalized someone you care about will start using them, then there's no need to worry.

    My second reason I think drugs should be decriminalized/legalized is because I think people should be in control of their own bodies. Everyone knows the consequences of drug use, and if someone is willing to risk facing those consequences, we should let them. Who are you to tell someone what they can or can't put in their own body? As long as they're not hurting anyone, it's no one's business but their own.

    Those are just a couple of the reasons why I think drug possession should be legal.

  • I don't think so. It lowers you life span, and while people's stupidity is their own fault, it shouldn't be allowed to kill them.

    Hmm, let me think, absolutely no pros to drugs (unless using for medical reasons) and likely death! Sounds great. In case any one was not able to detect even the least subtle of sarcasm, you just saw some. What more can I say? Drugs are bad, they kill people, admittedly stupid people, but people nonetheless. Why should we let someone's stupidity, often when they haven't fully developed as a character, affect their life span?

  • Drugs should not be legal

    Are those supporting the legalization of drugs willing to accept the fact that thousands die from drug abuse each year? Legalizing drugs will only make it more prominent in society, and teenagers will abuse this privilege more than anyone else. Drug addiction is a life-changing matter, and a person who relies on drugs cannot function normally. Instead of legalizing drugs because "people do it anyway," we need to create more awareness of its dangers and stop the drugs from being manufactured in the first place.

  • Doing Drugs because its "Cool", no.

    I agree that Marijuana should be legalized because of the profit it can make, but every other drug should not be legalized. They cause harm to the body, and can really put an impact towards society in the future. It is not cool, but more often a way to be idiotic.

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