I think girls should be able to play sports. Do you?

Asked by: Girlsoccerllover
  • It's the 21st century!

    For Gods sake! Of course girls should be aloud to play sport! Growing-up as a tomboy, it was tough for me to get a small minority of people to accept me when I was playing footy, rugby, hockey and any other male dominated sport. I think every one in this world should be able to have the same opportunities, and, no one should be able to say 'Oh, oh no, sorry she can't play football because her lipstick mite smudge and she may hurt herself'. Saying that, boys should get the opportunity to do all the sports that girls do, like ballet or netball.
    Anyone who doesn't agree with girls playing/doing sport needs to buck-up their ideas because, guess what, it's the god damn 21st century, where EVERYBODY is equal!!

    Posted by: m.e
  • Girls should play football with boys

    I think girls should play football with boys because some girls watch football and enjoy it. When i was little i always played football with my brothers and i liked it. I enjoy watching it and playing it with my 3 older brothers. Some girls have the same amount of strengh and power as boys. Thats why i think girls should play football.

  • Yes I do

    Jeez, if you don't like women being on your team then you are a sexist person. Just because people think men are the dominate species doesn't give men the right to say this is dangerous Mrs. Wife go home! I think women and men need to play especially if it is your life long dream.

  • We should be judged by who we are underneath, not by our gender.

    How would you feel if you had a dream to play a sport, and then was told you could not because of your gender? Not fair. We should all be treated equally, and be judged by who we are underneath, and NOT by our gender, skin color, tone of voice, NOTHING! All that should matter is who we are. Think about that.

  • They shouldn't be judged.

    I've heard that just because of the're gender women cann't compete against men in sports or be on the mens' team and i think that's not right. Women shouldn't be judged on the're gender they should be judged on strainth and how well they play. If women can play because they are strong enough and have skill then let them play and if the only team they can play on is the boys' team then let them play.

  • We have all the rights

    Women are always being judged on their gender to see if they can play the sport and I think that's not right. So what if I'm female I can still play football right? It's not fair and EVERYONE should know that. And I hope 1 day women will be able to play ANY sport they want to and their gender will not matter.

  • Yes it should be allowed

    Yes girls should have access to any sport that they want to play. If there is already a girls team set up the girl can join that. If there is no girl team but there is a boy team then the girl has a right to play on the boy team.

  • Playing sports is a matter of choice.

    Girls should be able to play sports and we should stop gender discrimination. Girls playing sports is always a matter of controversy and it needs to stop being so controversial. Girls have a freedom of choice, and if playing sports is the hobby they want to pursue and think is fun then they should be able to play.

  • Girls Already Play Sports

    Women already play sports, which is obvious in schools and competitions around the world. Of course, women haven't penetrated men's sports yet, which is a shame. Some women can play professional sports at the same level as men, and they deserve to showcase their abilities on a big professional stage.

  • Yes I do.

    Girls already are able to play a good amount of sports, way more than they used to be able to play. I don't know if making a girl sport for every sport would really work out that well though. I can not see girls tackling each other, but I guess if that is what they want.

  • Don't they already?

    Don't girls play sports already? Of course girls should be able to play sports. I think they have just a much of a right as the boys in school do. However, they should not be able to mix the genders together, because that could very well lead to problems and injuries.

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