I think Goku can beat Superman... Why? Because Batman was able to defeat Superman and Goku is a million time stronger than Batman.

Asked by: SpideyTm
  • Goku will defiantly win

    The reasons why is because Goku is ten times more stronger then super man. We should all know by now. But here are some reasons.
    Super Man
    Powers: See through walls, laser eyes, Ability to fly, And the power of speed and strength
    Powers: Kamehameha, solar flare, super saiyin, Instant transmission, and much more.
    There is now way Goku will lose to that dork superman

  • I think goku can beat superman.

    Goku trains really hard in martial arts and Superman just hits really hard. And yes i know Superman can move faster than light speed, but can he keep up with Goku in an actual fight? I think not because From the battles I've seen Goku in, him and his opponent are moving so fast, the untrained eye can't even track them. And Goku can throw, block, and dodge many strikes at an incredibly rapid rate! I doubt Superman can fight a skilled martial artist like Goku at that level. Also goku can just use instant transmission to go to superman planet Krypton and get a Kryptonite to use it against superman. I mean Kryptonite is superman weakness.

  • Goku is a much better fighter.

    Superman can take hits well yes. But the fact that he was beaten by Doomsday, Darkseid, Mongol, Batman (exploiting Superman's weaknesses) says it all.

    It really is simple. Superman is not a martial artist, he's just strong and takes a hit well. And we've seen superman beat down over and over again by even more villains than I mentioned above.

    Doomsday stabbed him, Mongol beat him to a bloody pulp, Darkseid lazer beamed and beat him to a bloody pulp, superman has limits on the hits he can take.

    And the most important part. In ultra instinct, especially mastered ultra instinct, Superman can not touch Goku. He's just not fast enough, and Goku can dodge every attack from Jiren who has punched thousand or hundred of thousands of times in a couple minutes, Superman has never done that.

    Superman has limits, can't hit Goku, but Goku can hit him. Hit the man of steel enough times, just like with the others superman will fold eventually.

  • Goku is stronger

    Goku is a saiyan hes stronger than all marvel heroes and Superman lose ALL FIGHTS I HATE THAT NOOBY GUY goku is strongest of the dragonball AND NOOB SUPERMAN IS THE NOOBEST GUY OF THE WORLD I HATE THAT IDIOT and why is DB SUPER BAD but goku is stronger and hes the best and goku Will defeat SUPERMANnoOb.Com

  • Superman is a noob

    Just goku become a Hero and Superman is not too strong and hes looks like a noob looks like he cant fight goku is stronger than all marvel heroes goku is strogest he looks strong Db super was bad 1 thing That bad was is goku lose all the time

  • The Red Sun

    I think Goku can just instant-transmission him to a red sun where he can just beat the crap out of him. The fight would be over much faster if that happened. Or Goku could just get some kryptonite and just kill him with that. So that's why I think Goku could beat Superman

  • Batman beats Superman

    If Batman can stupidly beat Superman then it would be stupid if Goku could not beat him I don't give 1 fuck if it was a joke or not in my mind but in my opinion I don't care what Death Battle has to say about it really. Power is limitless but when that suit comes off has a fag

  • (Batman Vs. Superman is a joke)

    According to ScrewAttack Superman has no limits.

    Limit- A point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass. This isn't true a limit will always be there until it is broken, even if Superman was limitless thats still a current level of something in other words a limit. Whereas Goku can continually break his limit with minimum time in between each break, but he has limits that make sense in definition. Zenkai is just that: After critical injuries (maybe even before) a process is in stasis until varying time has passed, but can be sped up by "proper" healing. ALMOST but not instantaneously. Zenkai is essentially the infinite or limitless power boost thats within a Saiyan's genes. However like Superman no matter how long or little: there is time in between each level of power. If Superman was truly limitless it wouldn't be a fight it would be a quick single striking victory. Even so on Goku's end he has Limits of power, but it's just until the conditions are right for another Zenkai boost. I'm not gonna go all Mathematical I'll leave that to the other fans, this is just logic and literature. I honestly wouldn't care if Goku lost by legitimate means, not a beam to the brain that either shouldn't have affected Goku, or should have been used earlier. If you bring Morals into this on Superman's end then Goku would have won, focusing on avoiding/blocking to get in range of Kryptonite either protecting Goku or Weakening Superman. Goku essentially lost to Beerus, but you don't see as many fans upset about that. (If at all) Show a struggle, then another one for the "killing blow", then I would be satisfied with the outcome. Other than that I just don't want this to be a reason Goku would lose as well as other things I won't address.


  • Gotta State the facts

    No matter what way you look at this, consider THIS, are we talking about the regular superman from the 40's or the new superman that is way to fucking oversold, plus even if superman COULD beat goku, superman would lose in the battle of you guessed it CHI energy, chi is magic believed in by some Asian cultures and the word Ki comes from chi, Magic. So go try and try to fuck me on this, cause I did research.

  • According to facts Goku is simply stronger than superman and i don't read comics i believe what i see as a film

    Superman's whole kind was destroyed by a planet and has a weakness of krypnonite and magic as superman killed zod by breaking his neck goku is 50 times faster than superman so he can easily break his in the blink of an eye more over the saiyan jins is beings with natural abilities to enhance themselves there power is growing magic and superman's weakness is magic more over superman is the worlds strongest but goku and the new Beerus the most powerful of the universe so count that in and in movies superman got beatup like a pulp by darkside and doomsday but goku is stronger than those so don't you guys think that matters well it mattters alot and if goku uses sprit bomb that would kill superman cuz a sprit bomb sucks energy to all the universe in that universe is the krypnonite he can hide or move faster so that the bomb collects krypnoites energy and can easily beat superman the punches that caused high damage to superman are way less of power than of the gokus kamahamyha in movies and cartoons he is not that stronge i don't care about comics the main thin is that superman can easily be killed goku is super saiyan god super saiyan superman power level is 400 quatrillion while goku a ssj4 is 1.6quadtrillion now he is super saiyan god so that gives him 100 multiply so its 160 when super saiyan god supersaiyan its 200 multiply so its 32000 quadtrillion see the difference blind people if you give him a superman sword and give goku krypnoite he will die at all costs

  • All dbz fanboys obviously don't know the extent of Superman's powers

    Let's look at the facts:

    1. Speed
    In terms of top speed, goku wins since he has instant transmission. But it can't be used in the heat of a battle against superman. So rule that out. Superman FLIES FASTER. His speed is almost equal to that of light. In fact, in some versions, he is even faster than light, which allows him to manipulate time! In battle quickness and reflexes, SUPERMAN is still faster. He can dodge or even catch just about anything. I know ssj4 goku looks really awesome in those dbz vids fighting at super speed, but that's because they haven't made one with superman yet.

    2. Intelligence
    Superman has advanced kryptonian intelligence. Even though he lives on earth, his intellect is beyond human. Goku, being a saiyan, comes from a race of barbarians. All the saiyans' technology came from the tuffles and Frieza. Enough said.

    3. Senses
    Again, Superman wins hands-down. Goku can sense power levels. That's cute. Superman can hear across countries, see through walls, shout across cities, and has practically invulnerable skin. Oh, and yes: his eyes can shoot lasers.

    4. Weaknesses
    This is perhaps the only department where Goku wins. He has no known weaknesses. Although it's logical to say that goku is susceptible to magic. Since dende's namekian "magic" is capable of healing saiyans(he obviously used magic and not energy), it can also harm them. Superman has 3 main weaknesses: Kryptonite, magic, and nuclear radiation. While Goku is by logic weak to magic, Superman still has 2 additional weaknesses. But of course, in a battle, Goku has no means to procure kryptonite or a nuclear warhead(WHICH IS MORE OR LESS WHAT BATMAN DID), so the point is moot.

    5. Strength
    What is Goku's strongest attack? The spirit bomb? The kamehameha? Dragon fist explosion? What are these attacks capable of doing? Destroy a planet. Even if you consider the spirit bomb, which runs on borrowed enegy. And it takes an hour to charge. Superman, after spending 15 minutes inside the sun, PUSHED THE EARTH INTO ORBIT. He literally bench-presses with weights equal the earth's mass!

    6. The Batman argument
    Let me clear this out: BATMAN DID NOT DEFEAT SUPERMAN ONE-ON-ONE. Superman was greatly weakened from a head-on nuclear blast, batman zapped him with electricity and ultrasound, and then managed to land ONE PUNCH. Superman, in turn, DESTROYED BATMAN'S ARMOUR and then got hit by a kryptonite arrow from Green Arrow. It is viewed as Superman's defeat only because Batman, being a mere human, managed to hit him, even if the fight 2-on-1.

    7. The actual fight, and Superman's win
    By this point, all Goku has left is his energy attacks. While some can be countered by superman's heat vision, the rest can be dodged easily by him. All those who think Goku can win think so because they have seen Superman at his worst. Over time, Superman's powers and abilities have varied greatly, and it's only fair if we take his best into consideration.

  • There is one reason he won't lose?

    Kryptonite is the reason he won't lose as he can't be beaten unless kryptonite is present but as we know there is no kryptonite in the world of DBZ and it also depends because Goku could just use a sensu bean and heal all his wounds and also get all his energy back.

  • Simple Facts About Superman

    Superman has torn dimensions apart, Goku can blow up a planet. Superman broke Einstein's theory of relativity by traveling the speed of light, much faster than Goku. Superman doesn't have to eat, he can just absorb the sun's rays. Goku on the other hand eats a substantial amount. Superman survived a super nova to the face.

  • You obviously never read anything about Superman.

    Yes superman does hit hard he also knows martial arts from earth and krypton. Superman could easily keep up with Goku even if he was in super saiyan 4 because even at that speed and power Superman is still faster and stronger. Yes Goku and his foes move so fast the untrained eye can't see but that takes a lot out of him if he keeps it up there are very few major fights that Goku has walked away unscathed from, also Superman can make himself vibrate at near the speed of light so that attacks phase right through him. And sure Goku COULD go get some Kryptonite but he never would because he always wants a fair fight. And please don't forget that Superman is super smart unlike Goku who only learns through battle so not only does Superman win is strength and speed but also in smarts.

  • Goku would obviously win.

    Goku is faster and stronger than superman could ever wish to become. Goku CAN fight in FTL speeds. Superman cannot. Goku has Super Saiyan God mode now, which pretty much makes him invincible. So any argument against this is DC nerd puke that is ignorant to that fact that superman just isn't so super...

  • Both Are Fictional Characters

    In terms of characters, Goku could probably hold his own against Superman. Batman was only able to beat Superman with Kryptonite. Yes, Gokus is strong. In the end, both are figments of someone's imagination and are just fictional characters. Artists can draw and animate a battle between the two, but in the end they are just two-dimensional pen and pencil drawings that are representations of a battle that will never, ever occur.

  • Not even a fight if it's pre-crisis Superman.

    Forget Goku. Even Omega Shenron or Bills don't stand a chance against pre-crisis Superman. If it's the toned-down movie version, then it's a different story.
    And batman never really defeated Superman. It was just one punch after which Superman almost killed him. All this after he was hit by a nuclear blast. So the question is flawed to begin with.
    Goku is a million times stronger than batman? Try this on for size: Superman is a billion times stronger than Batman. Besides, if you bring Superman Prime or sword of Superman into the picture, then not even the entire DBZ universe put together can beat him.
    Goku can beat Superman. What a joke.

  • Batman has never defeated superman in a canon comic book

    Any time batman has come even close, it has been in an alternate universe, which does not count. Also, goku cannot beat superman. One of the main reasons being endurance. Superman can continuously go and go and not break a sweat. Can't say the same about goku. He's always panting and drenched in sweat no matter who he fights.

  • No, Not at all.

    Well, No, because 1st of all all in which you are trying to say is BS, Batman has admitted to Superman beating him and does a Lot, Another thing is Superman has Beaten Batman before More times than Batman beat Supes, And if so it wouldn't matter because both Goku and Superman have a Human side to themselves so thus they wouldn't Fight but for the Sake of it let's throw them at each other in each category Superman Massively Out does Goku in everything Speed, Strength, Power you name it Superman beats Goku in it AND the point you just named off is Invalid AsF due to the Fact Batman would absolutely Kick Goku's ass.

  • Sorry guys, but no.

    For those of you who have no clue what you're talking about. Ki is LIFE FORCE! Not magic. By you're arguments Krillen, Yamcha, hell even Raditz would. Incorrect. Superman can compress a star, has died and returned, and when he did? He became stronger. Vacuum of space any one? I wish Goku could, he's a total badass. But Superman is OP, it happens deal with it.

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