I think wearing makeup is doing a lot more harm than females think. In many different ways. What happened to female consciousness in that department?

I think wearing makeup is doing a lot more harm than females think. In many different ways. What happened to female consciousness in that department?
  • Make up is weird

    I'd agree with MitchV. A lot of girls just don't feel right when they aren't wearing their makeup. My girlfriend is one of those and despite being very good at it, I tell her all the time I like her better with out it. She didn't believe me at first, but realized how sincere I was after a little while. Now she still wears make up, but she says its not for me its for her.

    Well what does that mean? She doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin. That's what it means. All the little imperfections make us who we are, and we try to hide them too often. I guess a lot of girls don't know what to think of themselves, but painting your face or whatever every morning is just a ridiculous notion to me.

    I love the effort girls put into their appearance. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike makeup. Some girls just overthink it. Its the fact that you are trying that a guy likes when you pretty yourself up for a date, not how smooth or whatever your face is supposed to be. That's all just a sales pitch really, and "trying" can be expressed in a lot better ways if you don't want to wear make up.

  • What happened to self confidence and just being yourself?

    Take it from the "You Look Disgusting" video. When a woman puts on "too little makeup", she gets comments on how ugly she is, how disgusting she looks. When a woman puts on makeup, she is told how beautiful she is, and it makes her feel wonderful, until people start to say how she tries too hard, how she is fake, how disgusting she looks. Why should girls have to change what they look like to be accepted? Why should girls be judged on how they look, instead of how kind they are, or how loving they are? Why are we supposed to have a low enough self esteem to change our entire look just to please others? We shouldn't. We can be beautiful without makeup. We are gorgeous, wonderful, independent individual, and no boy should ever change that. Makeup should be used to enhance what we already have, not cover up what we don't want. I am a female, I do not wear makeup, and I am beautiful. You are too.

  • Oppressive society and other feminist things

    To be clear from the beginning, I do not believe that makeup is terrible, and that no one should ever wear it. Having moved on past that, women, and girls, today feel pressured from everywhere to look good. And while some females wear makeup not because they feel they look horrid without it, but because they want to, and that's okay. But other girls wear it because they are terrified to show their own face, which is a shame. Concealer doesn't just conceal under-eye bags and zits, it can also hide the general feeling found in many, but not all women, that they don't look good enough. Society, at least in America, has told girls, especially young ones, that it is not okay to be imperfect. And makeup just helps that notion. But, to fix this problem, we shouldn't outlaw makeup or anything stupid like that, because some people just like it, and not because they feel that they have to wear it. We could, instead, change the messages we are sending to youth, and being young myself, I know exactly how much effect cultural negativity towards female imperfections has on one's own self-esteem.

  • I am not a professional in this topic but I think

    Females have been repressed in many societys, labeled weak, or inferior... Men always having the power... I think they try to show that there worthy threw makeup. Kind of like a man driving a BMW to show that he's worthy.

    I don't know how women have came to that level of not facing who they really are in mirrors,
    its very sad.


  • This is ridiculous

    "man saddened to know that not everyone conforms to his own beauty standards"

    you have your standards of beauty, and i have mine. Not everyone is pretty with makeup, but everyone is pretty to someone.

    Ever thought about that women (and all other genders) can wear makeup for themselves and not to sell themselves to their preferred gender? Wow what a concept !

  • You talk of self worth but what of the self worth that comes from makeup?

    For many women, make up is not some type of chore or something that they feel like they must do to feel like they will be accepted by our society. Make up for many is not about hiding imperfections from the world but to highlight their natural beauty and make themselves feel prettier. If it were simply about pleasing a messed up society you can be sure that some sort of riots would have occured.
    Many of my friends choose not to wear makeup because they do not want to. My other friends wear it because they want to. They do not feel any type of pressure from anyone to change their opinion on how they make themselves feel pretty.
    Society told us to wear make up, and we told them that how we are beautiful is our choice.
    I also believe that the focus should not be on how wearing makeup "oppresses women" but on issues that are more oppressive, like creating environments in schools that punishes girls for not being perfect and congratulates boys for not being awful.
    But those are just my opinions.

  • The concealer is mightier than the sword.

    Before I begin I would like to expressly state that females and males alike should be allowed to wear cosmetics and it is a personal preference. Cosmetics aren't indications of character and neither option (choosing to wear or refrain from wearing make up) is superior.

    Because no specific harm is outlined it is assumed that make-up equates to self-consciousness, the desire to attract romantic attention or appear alluring. This may have been the common perspective historically however society and the role of women has developed. Women are no longer (generally) mere representations of their appearance. As the expectations of women have changed so have the connotations associated with cosmetics. Therefore it is a primitive or generalized to assume that a woman's worth is conveyed through make-up. A woman's worth, a man's worth, a human being's worth can only be internally/personally decided.

    Individuals that take take the stance that a person's makeup if for other people need to be reminded that these people are not products and they are not trying to sell themselves.

  • Makes them feel better.

    Most women I know won't leave the house without it. To them, not wearing makeup is like wearing worn out cloths or driving a banged up car. See, wearing makeup not only makes the look younger and more attractive but makes them feel that way too. Ever notice that the ones that don't tend to look like they have given up on themselves?

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