• Make up your own club.

    Get some friends together and talk bollocks every now and then and call yourselves the "Illuminati". That's essentially what the original crew would have done. You can also wear fancy jewellery and outfits if that sort of thing floats your boat. Just remember though that ultimately it's all meaningless nonsense.

  • You and million others

    The 1% means the 1%. You have to be born in the right time and have the right connections and have something to offer. If you do not meet at least one then your chances are so low.
    They play you like a fool. So many will sell their souls and mother for a chance to be famous and or rich. Many will not strike it out annd those that do sell their soul. There is no way back and the wealth cannot heal them or save their lives. Many die of drugs or in freak accidents. Do you want to live a rich and famous life but be dead inside and miserable. Go for it.

  • The trouble with life. . .

    That's awesome, But you'll have to be dead. The ILLUMINATI -- the real one -- was an enlightment society in the 18th Century. They sat, Drank, Ate, And talked philosophy and science. They also all died.

    Current usage of the Illuminati refers to mostly fictitious entities or it is inscribed to other groups such as masons -- like the ring in the picture. The masons predate the Illuminati -- so there's a problem there. Perhaps you want to be a free mason?

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