• Dear, You can't. You just can't.

    I beg to disagree. I am a extremely wealthy and successful Jewish Rothschild banker. I also own own the majority of media in whatever country you live in. I will simply vilify your King. If that doesn't work I will vilify you and make everyone think you are a racist. Your wife will leave you, your kids will hate you, your dog will leave you.. The only way for you to get your life back will be to is if you push over your king. If you have no wife, kids or dog, then i will reward you with those people and animal when you push over your king.


    The Illuminati

  • You can't. You just can't.

    Pushing over a high ranking government official is illegal in most countries. Also, I don't get exactly how you'll make me do it. You can't make me do it, unless, of course, my king is an evil person. Then I might. But otherwise, I never would. I hope this is settled.

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